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We are a family business operating in the dairy sector for over forty years and manufacturing batch pasteurisers for well over thirty years.  


We pride ourselves on using the highest quality British/European components because we continue to build AND protect our hard-earned reputation as a leading pasteuriser manufacturer.


Over the years we have watched our customers continue to thrive with the daily use of our custom-made designs to suit all types of milk producer, ranging from small Scottish island micro-dairies to major milk producers.  


With these accumulated experiences partnering such a broad range of customers, we have implemented multiple upgrades from our original design, exceeding the strict requirements of government and rigorous farmer demand. 


As a witness to the ever-evolving stresses placed upon small dairies seeking new ways to survive and thrive, our database of satisfied customers is testament to our strive for excellence.


We hope to become a part of your success story too and partner all small farmers that seek independence. 


Keep the Cream!


The Dolby Family


1000 litres

50 Litres

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