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We’ve been around long enough to see the many challenges our farmer friends have endured.  Foot and mouth disease, Mad cow disease, wholesaler strangleholds on milk prices…


We think resilience and independence go hand in hand.  Small, independent milk producers have battled against the odds, often facing a stark choice: Go BIG or go BROKE.  

Some chose the third way: Go BATCH!


Relatively small volumes of pasteurised milk, typically sold direct to your community – is really about taking back control of your farm.  The major supermarkets’ race to the bottom has dragged the small milk producers with them, producing tasteless milk at unsustainable prices.  The corporations win at the expense of both the traditional farming lifestyle and of high quality, nutritious milk for consumers.


Batch pasteurisation is part of a broader movement, with a growing customer base rejecting low quality mass-produced, overly-processed food in favour of sustainable, local, farm-to-table alternatives.

The batch pasteuriser community is driven by independent milk pioneers who refused to sell up or sell out.  Instead, a batch pasteuriser means farmers can make their small herd productive AND profitable.  

​All you need is a love for producing a quality product and the commitment to connect to your community who are, we promise, thirsty for delicious, local milk!


With our batch pasteurisers it doesn’t just stop at milk.  Many milk pioneers go further, adding value by embracing the versatility of their pasteuriser to become a yogurt maker or even a cheese vat: enabling them to produce the high quality artisan dairy products that are rapidly sweeping the nation.


Batch pasteurising is more than just an economic life-changer for farmers caught up in the corporatisation of modern farming.  It is a new way of life that focuses on quality and reconnects small farms to their communities.

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