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Keep the Cream!

Updated: Mar 13, 2023

Have a look at this little 50 litre beauty!

It has everything that its bigger counterparts have, but with just a 50 litre capacity. British made, with standard and intermittant stirring facility, infeed pipe, variable spouts for the outlet, twin jackets with superb insulation and a programmable temperature that includes a wi-fi or standard data logger, to ensure legality of your retail sales.

Ideal for pasteurising milk or for making yogurt, soft cheese, kefir, clotted cream etc. It is also perfect for the production of soups, creams, stocks, custards and countless other culinary products. This means that it fit the bill for micro-dairies wishing to legally sell their milk and dairy produce to the public. This little pasteuriser is also just right for production of other liquid foodstuffs too so will find a home in hotels, canteens, small production facilities - even schools and colleges will find it indispensible.

And its small size comes with a small price-tag too: just £7995 + VAT.

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