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...and not just Pasteurisers!

Updated: May 14

Although we specialise in Batch Pasteurisers (and Essential Oil Stills), we can also

manufacture all manner of customised stainless steel equipment. Here is a show-case of some of our recent items that we have custom-produced for our customers...

  1. Let's start with a Beer Font, capable of dispensing no less than 20 different ales! 

This is one we designed from scratch and was manufactured to fit perfectly in the available space.

The stainless steel was then accurately

welded together in accordance with the


It was then mirror polished...

...before being brass-plated - ending up with this immaculate piece of kit!



2. We had a request to make a Specialist Cheese Cutter - to chop 20 pieces of cheese at a time exactly to the same size. We have sold standard cheese-cutters for many years, but we have to admit that this one did require a bit of lateral thinking...


Made in 304 and 316 grade stainless steel, this multi-cutter uses standard wires to disect the cheese both vertically and horizontally. This gives 20 identical pieces on each pull - ideal for commercial applications.



3. We received a request to make a Press for Mushroom 'Steaks'.

These 'Steaks' had to be formed to an exact irregular shape and size, so we created a polished 316 grade stainless steel mould, to form a product that was identical every time.

The casing was equipped with quick-release fittings to allow the uniquely shaped product that has been formed within to be retreived with the minimum of fuss. An identical mushroom 'steak' - every time!

The design also means that this press can also be rapidly dismantled for easy cleaning and sterilisation.



4. We often get asked to produce specialist Curd Cutters - but this one proved to be particularly challenging, especially from a construction viewpoint! It's manufacture required welding 0.9mm thick pharmaceutical grade stainless steel blades within a stainless steel frame of an exact size to fit a existing cheese vats. The blades then had to be sharpened to give the necessary cutting edge.

Previous cutters had been produced using 'silver solder' to affix the blades to the framework: our super-skillful stainless-steel fabricators here were able to weld these blades in directly using 316 (pharmaceutical) grade stainless steel, to produce a superb piece of kit that was far superior to the original.

We produced both horizontal and vertical cutters and these are currently performing sterling service in a commercial dairy.


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