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Milk Vending Machines

We have been asked if we can give any information regarding the above. After all, selling your milk, yogurt, milk shakes and many other dairy products direct to the public, with most or all of the retail price going directly to the farmer... well, what's not to like?

We are happy to state at the outset that we have no direct involvement with any vending machine supplier. But unless you are making a point of actively selling raw, unpasteurised milk, 'over the farm gate', then a having a pasteuriser is a pre-requisite for legally being able to vend milk direct to the public.

I do know that several of our pasteurisers have gone to farms that have then installed Vending machines supplied by "The Milk Station", who are based in Wells, Somerset -

Tel: 01749 681381 ( So far we have received nothing but excellent reports back from satisfied customers.

This is a picture of a typical vending machine in its purpose-built hut. The vending machine suppliers can give you all the technical requirements, including what products can be sold, what are the power requirements, the best cleaning regime etc. so please contact them for full details.

The only suggestion that we would like to make is to propose that you select a vending machine that is operated by card-only. Virtually everyone today has a credit/debit card and making the machine cashless will completely remove the need for added security measures and the need for regular emptying, counting, bagging up, trips to the bank...

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