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New Pasteuriser reaches 100°C!

Updated: Aug 31, 2023

We have now finished the development of a completely new range of stainless steel Batch Pasteurisers that are heated in an entirely different way! The latest vessel that we have just manufactured uses a chamber that is mounted directly underneath: this contains a special heat-transfer fluid, that will in turn heat the milk or other liquids within the inner vessel that sits above.

The big advantage of this system is that the operator is no longer restricted by the boiling point of water, with all the its restrictions and attendant safety implications. You can now easily heat your recipe right up to its boiling point, if that is required. This means that the vessel is perfect for denaturing milk for yogurt production and it can be used for incorporating ingredients in other dairy products such as ice-cream manufacture or other products which require very high temperatures. Naturally it can also be used for pasteurising milk in the normal way (hopefully at 63°C for 30 minutes!) - but this vessel can now do so much more.

Naturally we have had to take the necessary safety implications on board. This vessel is fitted with an electric safety float valve that is coupled to the cooling water jacket: this automatically disconnects the power to the elements and prevents any heating of the fluid in the lower heat transfer chamber if there is any water present in the jacket. Only when the water has been totally drained from the jacket will it be possible to switch on the heating, making it impossible for steam to form in the cooling water jacket.

Other safety features include the provision of magnetic switching, that will prevent the stirrer being able to rotate once the lid is lifted. In addition, there is a second outer stainless steel jacket that surrounds the walls and base of the vessel that is packed with Vermiculite, a superb insulant. This means that the outer walls of the pasteuriser will stay acceptably cool, even when its contents are boiling!

Both the water jacket and the heat-transfer fluid reservoir and vented to the base of the vessel and these will ensure that there is no possibility of any pressure build-up.

All in all, quite a piece of kit! For prices and availability, please enquire.

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