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Lamma Show 2023 NEC Birmingham.

We are proud to have been able to show our pasteurisers for the first time at the latest Lamma Show at the NEC Birmingham. It has been reported that around 40,000 visitors came to the show from both the UK and abroad, with lots of farming interest shown by attendees from Southern Ireland and other parts of the E.U.

It was really heartening to see that the farming community is now back in business. Many were visiting for the first time after all the Covid issues and closures that has prevented the Lamma show going ahead in the previous 2 years and this could explain the massive attendance figures.

Let us hope that this is a new beginning for Farmers who want to take back control. This is the age where there are now massive financial pressures being put on dairy farmers to make cuts, simply to match the cuts in their milk payments that they will soon receive.

The wholesale milk price currently dropping like a stone -and who knows when it will level out? So why not get over £1 a litre more for your milk - and sell it direct?

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